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Sweetgrass Weaver/Author

I am Dr. Zanethia Barnett, Aquatic Biologist and 4th generation Sweetgrass Basket Weaver. I was born in Charleston, SC, reared in Estill, SC, and currently reside in Olive Branch, MS.


My love for water and the environment grew from growing up in a small, rural town, where I enjoyed fishing and hunting with my dad, spending summers on the beach, and simply enjoying the wildlife and wilderness around me. This love pushed me to find ways to preserve my environment and inspire others to do the same.


My love grew for sweetgrass baskets by watching my grandmother spend most of her days weaving baskets and creating beautiful master pieces. As a little girl, my grandmother taught me how to sew baskets. Unfortunately, many of the elder sewers have passed on & the natural resources used to make these masterpieces are being destroyed due to land development. Thus, my goal is to preserve this dying art form!

I appreciate the love and support of my sweetgrass creations and books.

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